Mundial Sound Festival

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1. How to apply to be a Member:

No matter where the future member is from, everyone is allowed to take part in "Mundial Sound Festival"! Who wants to take part, just have to submit  all required information (*) and send it by e-mail to: [email protected] You need to e-mail us with the following informations:

Personal Information *

- Your Full Name:

- Your Nationality:
- Your Localization (City, Country):

- Your e-mail:

Participation Information *

- Country you want to play for (that country must be available - check the "Active Countries" on the right of website)
- 2nd Option to a Country that you want to play for (In case that someone sends an application before you with your 1st Option)

Attention: Countries that doesn't appear on Active Countries means that are Free. Other information: Once it's given to you the Country, you've to play with the same Country at least 5 editions.

How to proceed with Submission of Songs:

You have to submit all required information (*) and send it by e-mail to: [email protected] You need to e-mail us with the following informations:

Member Information *

- Your Name & Participation Country

Participation Information *

- Artist Name

- Song Tittle

- Youtube Link

Members will receive an e-mail confirming that I have received their song. The reasons why can be refused are:

1.1. The country is not available;

1.2. The artist is representing another country in the same edition;

1.3. The song has already taken part in a previous edition;

1.4. The song doesn't respect the rules with an explanation;

2. About The Contest:

2.0. Each edition of Mundial Sound Festival takes at least one month and is directly followed by a New edition, so it's mentioned to exist at least 12 editions pear year.

2.1. There is no restriction on the number of participants, but if more than 26 countries sign up, there will be one or more semi-final(s) to determine which songs will qualify for the final:

  • 27-30 participants: There will be 1 semi-final with 10 songs qualifying for the final, which will contain 20 songs.
  • 31-55 participants: There will be 2 semi-finals with 8 songs qualifying from each semi-final, making a final of 26 songs.
  • More than 55 participants: Still there is not a method approved to this case, however is expected there will be 3 semi-finals with 5/6 songs qualifying from each semi-final making a final of 26 songs.

2.2 All Edition’s the Top 10 of previous edition will be automatically qualified for next edition's final. Attention: The automatic qualification spot follows the country and not the member.

3. About Songs & Artists & Countries:

3.1. The song must be sung by an artist or group from the country you play for. This means that the artist or one of the members of the group must has to be either born in the country or have lived there for most of his/her life.

3.2. An artist can also represent the country where his or her parents were born. Examples of this situation are: Sofia Nizharadze can represent Turkey, Ivi Adamou can represent Bulgaria, and Nelly Furtado can represent Portugal. However, do notice that you should be able to provide documentation (e.g. an official website) if you choose to use this rule.

3.3. If you choose to submit a duet at least one of the artists should be from your chosen country.

3.4. A group's nationality is the nationality of the lead singer(s), which means that a group can have more than one nationality. It’s required just 1 member nationality from the group to represent respective country of that member. Example of this situation: The Saturdays, is a British group, with 1 Irish member. This means that The Saturdays are available to represent Ireland or United Kingdom at Mundial Sound Festival.

3.5 Small countries with a population of less than 1 million (with some exceptions) may send singers from one of its bordering Countries or Regions. However, borrowing isn't encouraged! Here are some examples of what is allowed:

3.5.1. Andorra can borrow Artists from Catalonia (Spain);
3.5.2. Bhutan can borrow Artists from Bangladesh;

3.5.3. Liechtenstein can borrow Artists from Austria and Switzerland;

3.5.4. Luxembourg can borrow Artists from Belgium, France, Germany;

3.5.5. Monaco can borrow Artists from France;

3.5.6. San Marino can borrow Artists from Italy;

3.5.7. Timor Lest can borrow Artists from Indonesia;

3.5.8. United Arab Emirates can borrow Artists from Saudi Arabia;

3.6. Some small Territories with or without Independation (Overseas/crown dependencies territories) cannot participate on the contest e.g. Aland Islands; Faeroe Islands; Gibraltar; Greenland; Hong Kong; Isle of Man; Macau; TRN Of Cyprus; Vatican City;

3.7. The language of a song doesn't need to be in countries native language, doesn't exists as well a date of release to take attention, this means song can be release in 1965 and it’s available to participate! However, all songs just can have 6 minutes of length.

3.8. Criterion's to decide if a Cover Version Song is allowed are not clear! Cover versions are only allowed if the manager decides at any time whether or not a song is in breach of this rule.

3.9. A Song that have taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest, Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Turkvizion Song Contest or ABU Song Festivals are not allowed to take part in Mundial Sound Festival!

3.11. An Artist or Group can only participate 2 consecutive editions times, e.g. If you send Kalomira Sarantis in editions 2 and 3 you are not available to send another song from her in edition 4, she just can return on edition 5. Attention: You cannot send more than 3 times same artist within 15 consecutive editions!

4. About The Voting Procedure:

IMPORTANT: You May Know that you can't vote for your own participating song!

4.1. About Obligations, everyone have to vote in the semi-final even if you are directly qualified for the final and those are not taking part in the semi-final. When there are more than one semi-final you can and must only vote in your own semi-final, or the semi-final you, as a direct finalist, have been allocated to. In the final, the members who did not qualify are not obligated to vote.

4.2. The Voting System of Semi-Final's and Final is the same: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12 (Eurovision System), each you give 12 points to your favourite song, 10 points to the second one and so consecutive .... In Addition all members must send also 11th, 12th and 13th favourites on their ranking, in case of any of the other songs would be disqualified, so the substitutes will get points in stead. 

4.3. Your Votes should be sent by e.mail to the same e-mail that you send Application Form: [email protected] .

4.4. Members must vote in time, otherwise who doesn't vote will be disqualified. 

5. About The Results:

5.1 The song with the Highest Score is the Winner of Mundial Sound Festival on respective Edition.

5.2 If 2 or more countries have the same final score, Mundial Sound Festival uses the same as in Eurovision Song Contest: The one who received points from most countries will be the winner or best placed. If we still have a tie, then the number of 12 points received is considered (and then 10 pts, 8 pts etc. until we have a winner).